Vallances Coaches

Vallances Coaches was formed by Mr Graham Vallance in 1962. While working as a miner at Bentinck colliery, he decided to buy a small minibus and try his hand at vehicle hire as a sideline. The volume of work steadily increased to the point that, eventually, Graham took the decision to give up his job at the coalface and put all his energy into the minibus to earn his living. This proved to be a success and the fleet soon grew to several vehicles, although at that time most of them were minibuses. A large 45-seater Duple Dominant was purchased and used for a short time, but had to be given up due to lack of private hire work – and so it was decided that smaller vehicles were making more money. Through time, contracts were gained and the business steadily, but surely, grew as the years passed by. In the mid 1990’s, Graham’s son, Steve, joined the family business. Shortly afterwards, a Bedford 35 seater coach joined the fleet along with a further school contract to add to the already busy workload. As the year 2000 approached, Graham decided it was time to go into semi-retirement and leave the running of the business in Steve’s capable hands. Most of the fleet was subsequently upgraded, with the addition of a 53-seater executive touring coach to cope with the growing demand for our own day excursions program. Vallances coaches is, and always has been very much a family run business – which we believe has been a vital part in our success through the